USDA streamlining of biotech regulations

Experts from the USDA, EPA and FDA say they are working to streamline biotech regulations, in response to President Trump’s executive order in June.

Fan Li Chou, with the USDA Office of Pest Management Policy, says it’s time for a change after more than 30 years of the same regulations, and the USDA is in a good position to do that, “I think USDA really prides ourselves in making sure that we’re at the leading edge of regulation that is science-based, that it’s risk proportionate. But not only that but that it’s transparent and it’s predictable and it’s timely in facilitating decision making.”

The USDA is further along in streamlining than the EPA and FDA. A proposed USDA rule would exempt biotech from regulation if they can be produced using conventional breeding techniques. The leaders were on a panel of the Farm Foundation Forum on Tuesday.

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