Variety selection provides some white mold protection

A plant pathologist is encouraging growers to select varieties with white mold resistance.

Michigan State University’s Marty Chilvers tells Brownfield continuous rainfall this summer after soybean canopy closure caused significant white mold pressure for many farmers.

“If we’re pushing populations, narrow rows, that’s going to increase our risk because we’re increasing that canopy closure,” he says.

His research trials showed resistant varieties were the least impacted.

“Screening commercial varieties, we see about a 20-bushel difference between the most susceptible to the most resistance within a company lineup,” he says.  “That’s sort of free management if you’re paying attention to variety susceptibility.”

Chilvers says the Sporecaster White Mold Prediction App was successful in predicting outbreaks which can help farmers plan timely fungicide applications.

Brownfield interviewed Chilvers during the recent Great Lakes Crop Summit.

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