Veterinarian urges farmers to prepare for 2023 animal med changes

A veterinarian says the upcoming change in farmer-applied animal medicines should prompt more producers to develop a relationship with a veterinarian.  Dr. Linda Tikofsky is with Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health. “As of June 11th, 2023, all over-the-counter antibiotics that are sold in our farm stores, or our retailers or dealers will become prescription-level, so they will have to be purchased or at least through a prescription with a veterinarian.”

Tikofsky says now is a good time to plan for the changes.  She says farmers that don’t have a relationship with a veterinarian should reach out and start one now before the laws change. “Those veterinarians will be a great asset for you that can help you go through your protocols, make sure you’re treating with the right products for the right length of time, you know, what kind of expectations you have from these products, and really help you tailor your antibiotic or your treatment protocol.”

And for producers who already work with a veterinarian, she says, “Go through your protocols twice a year with your veterinarian. You know, look at your outcomes and your records and make sure that your protocols are the best that they can be.”

With the overall shortage of veterinarians, Tikofsky suggests not waiting until the deadline to find one.

Tikofsky spoke with Brownfield during World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

Dr. Linda Tikofsky from Boehringer Engleheim Animal Health talks with Brownfield’s Larry lee about parasite control, antibiotic use, stress, and other topics at the 2022 World Dairy Expo.

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