Vilsack announces dairy, other conservation innovation projects

Ag Secretary Vilsack and Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow announced eighteen new conservation innovation projects through USDA to support climate-smart agriculture and soil health.  The announcement happened during the recent climate meetings in Scotland.

Vilsack says one of those projects involves a study of dairy cattle. “We’re announcing twenty-five million dollars that’s going to fund eighteen different projects, one of which involves the states of Michigan and Wisconsin by taking a look at dairy farm operations and trying to figure out how to reduce methane from those dairy operations.”

Vilsack did not say how much of the 25-million dollars is going towards the cattle methane emissions study.  USDA says The Nature Conservancy will test dietary interventions to mitigate methane emissions including new feed additives.

The goal of the project is to learn more about greenhouse gas mitigation strategies for cattle, NRCS programs and the development of protocols for measuring enteric emissions.

The other 17 pilot projects focus on water management and soil health projects in the U.S.

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