Vilsack says only a required GMO bill will get the votes

Tom Vilsack 2016 Commodity Classic in New OrleansAg Secretary Tom Vilsack says a GMO food labeling bill has to be mandatory and flexible to get the president’s signature, “Here’s the situation. You’ve got to get 60 votes in the Senate. That’s the key. We’ve got to get something done.”

The bill that has passed the Senate Ag Committee is a voluntary system. The rival bill introduced by Democrats this week is mandatory.

Vilsack told reporters at Commodity Classic today that the way to get 60 votes is to have a label that is required, “Because of you don’t, then you create a circumstance and situation where every company could decide for itself to do something which could create confusion.”

He says the industry then needs time to figure out how to get that information out – whether it’s an 800 number, website, or Smart label – and then educate the public about it. Vilsack says the law must – in his words – obviously pre-empt state law to avoid chaos in the market.

  • Just label it: “This product contains GMO ingredients”. If Campbell can do it voluntarily, so can everyone else.

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