Water group shows support for the infrastructure bill

An organization focused on groundwater resources likes what they see in the infrastructure bill awaiting President Biden’s signature.

Ben Frech is with the National Ground Water Association. “Investing more in our roads and bridges will actually improve not only how quickly we get our products, how quickly we transport our products but it will actually improve the quality of our groundwater as well.”

Frech says the infrastructure bill has several things the association supports. “There’s a good amount of funding in there for things like managed aquifer recharge, water re-use, and water re-supply, money for dams and money for bridges, a lot of things that are going to really help support infrastructure in this country.”

Frech says the bill also has funding for assisting western and midwestern states experiencing drought.

When asked if the infrastructure bill might allow funding for farm manure management projects such as anaerobic digesters, Frech says, “Actually, it could, and that could actually be done through, also, a water infrastructure loan.”

Besides groundwater and stormwater projects, the 1.2 trillion dollar package would fund roads, bridges, ports, river locks and dams, and broadband expansion.

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