Weather is a concern for many European and US growers

Drought is a concern for some farmers across the globe as the begin preparation for planting their 2023 crops.

German farmer Arnold Loermann has a small farm where he grows wheat and barley. Speaking through a translator, he tells Brownfield soils need more moisture. “It was too dry. Normally they get 25 to 30 inches of rainfall over the year during the summer time, but the frequency of the rains when it arrived was not synchronized well with the crop growth.”

During a week-long visit to CLAAS Headquarters in Europe, Nebraska farmer Eric Hausermann says snow has provided some relief, but he’s not out of the woods yet. “We may have some acres that we switch from one crop to another.”

Illinois farmer Tim Ifft says its been an abnormally dry fall and winter after timely rains pushed last year’s crop along. “Last year was probably our best average corn and soybean yields since I’ve been farming in 35 years.”

He says there has been some snowfall this winter, but enough to fully recharge the soil profile.

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