Weed scientist on potential dicamba tank mix compatibility problem

A weed scientist says they’ve researched reports of tank mix compatibility problems when dicamba and glyphosate are used with one of the two required Volatility Reduction Agents (VRAs) under the new federal label.

Tommy Butts, with the University of Arkansas, says applicators reported reactions when the VRA Sentris from BASF was used.

“They had issues kind of with the tank mix, excessive foaming. It was enough to pop the lid off a couple tanks, mainly the inductor tanks where they were mixing before it got into the main spray tank.”

Butts says they conducted jar compatibility tests and found similar results, along with several other weed scientists.

However, a BASF spokesperson tells Brownfield Ag News “the mixing, immediate capping of the bottles and agitation do not represent any real-world scenario encountered by applicators when using Sentris Buffering Technology” and they want to reassure applicators it is safe to use with a dicamba/glyphosate mix.

If growers cannot get the other approved VRA, VaporGrip Xtra, and must use Sentris, Butts recommends a defoaming agent to help with the reaction.

“In my research I’ve still seen the same gasket produced. I think the University of Missouri and a few other universities, they’ve said that their defoaming products have reduced some of that pressure as well.”

In Arkansas, applicators are forbidden to mix glyphosate and dicamba for over-the-top application. In other states, where it’s legal, Butts recommends adding either VRA into the full tank first and not in the induction tank because that’s such a small volume area there. Although the University of Missouri did not replicate the Sentris problem, they advise applicators to be aware of these potential issues.

Full Statement from BASF:

We are aware of the blog and videos posted regarding mixes of Sentris Buffering Technology, Engenia® herbicide and glyphosate in 3L bottles. The mixing, immediate capping of the bottles, and agitation does not represent any real-world scenario encountered by applicators when using Sentris Buffering Technology.

BASF remains confident in the performance of Sentris buffering technology, and we want to reassure applicators that it is safe to use as a pH buffering adjuvant with approved tank mix applications that contain dicamba and glyphosate for over-the-top applications on dicamba-tolerant soybean and cotton. 

Sentris buffering technology has been used successfully in BASF trials and by applicators in the field during the 2021 season. BASF has not received any complaints regarding Sentris Buffering Technology and glyphosate when the proper mixing order has been followed. More information on Sentris Buffering Technology can be found here.

Interview with Tommy Butts, U of AR ^^^

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