Wheat growers encouraged to wait before applying post-harvest herbicides

Kansas State University weed specialist Sarah Lancaster says wheat growers should wait before applying post-harvest herbicides.  

“It’s the middle of July, it’s hot. Weeds are not growing as well and so herbicides tend to not work as well when we’re spraying in hot conditions,” she says.

Lancaster tells Brownfield farmers should apply later in the day, ensure weeds are actively growing and conserve moisture.

“We’re trying to kill weeds that many of which have been basically half harvested by a combine,” she says. “They’ve been cut off, lost a lot of leaf area and are probably not growing very well.”

She says producers need to follow label guidelines when applying atrazine.

“We in Kansas no longer have a label to apply atrazine broadly to leaf stubble,” she says.

Lancaster says farmers wanting to double crop after applying atrazine are limited to planting corn or sorghum.

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