Where did all the soybean acres go?

A market analyst says it’s unclear what happened to the soybean acres that didn’t get planted in the United States this spring.

In USDA’s June Acreage Report, the agency said soybean planted area was 83.5 million acres, a drop of 4 million from USDA’s March guess.

There were declines in soybean planted acres across several states including Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Tim Marsh with Summit Commodities says farmers planted other commodities, including sorghum, barley and rice, but that still doesn’t account for all the lost acres.

“That’s a little unusual when the planting season goes well, but it started slow in the Dakotas.”

Marsh says a portion of soybean acres could be considered prevent plant, but that won’t be final until the fall with data from the USDA’s Farm Service Agency. The first prevent plant estimates are expected in August.

He says if there are fewer soybeans produced, the United States will likely have to import more soybeans.

“And/or we’ll have prices high enough we won’t be able to sell as many of our own beans for export. Either way, it’s going to be exports that solve this short acreage problem for soybeans: a lack of our own exports or imports from Brazil next year.”

He says the reports captured the attention of the grain markets for a short time and traders will now shift their attention back to the U.S. weather forecast.

  • There’s is over a million acres lost every year to residential and commercial development, just in the area in n.w.ohio I live the growth of development is rampid, one use to be a small farming town has grown from 2500 residents to 18,000 in 12 years!

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