WinField United offers new platform to evaluate biologicals

Farmers considering biologicals have a new resource for evaluating products.

Jeff Carr with WinField United says the company released its BioVerified platform in January.

“It’s that platform that we can utilize to at least start that discussion. In other words, here’s a list of products that we have vetted fully and feel very comfortable with moving into the marketplace. We understand how they work and we understand where to position them for the best results.”

He tells Brownfield farmers are increasingly interested in biological crop solutions.

“So we think about the total acre (and) how we’re going to provide those solutions. Biologicals may very well be a part of those solutions, but I think if we lead with solutions first and then bring the biologicals in as a part of that I think we’ll have more success. Particularly with the retailer at the farm gate.”

Carr says there’s a broad market for biologicals, with most products focusing on crop nutrition.

He encourages growers to contact their local retailer to learn more about the BioVerified designation.

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