Wisconsin Farmers Union president steps down, takes staff position

The President of Wisconsin Farmers Union is stepping down to take a staff position in the organization.

Rick Adamski

Rick Adamski announced Thursday he will be the new Government Relations Director.

Former president and current vice-president Darin Von Ruden tells Brownfield he was not expecting to assume the presidency again mid-term. “Being able to step up into the president’s role again is as they say, it’s going to be like riding a bike. You never really forget how to do it.”

Von Ruden

Von Ruden says Adamski is very qualified for his new job. “We were sitting in a situation where we don’t have anybody, so Rick decided to make the move and I’m happy for him that he’s willing to take on that challenge of being the government relations director. He certainly knows agriculture and knows the organization, and will be a good part of the team that we already have.”

Wisconsin has been without a government relations director since Nick Levendofsky left earlier this year to become the Executive Director of the Kansas Farmers Union, closer to where his family still farms.

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