Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board approves check-off projects

The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board decided which proposals will get funding during the next year. 

Doug Monson with Ag Management Solutions, which helps the board, tells Brownfield one of the funded projects is a “See For Yourself” trip modeled after the North Dakota and Minnesota programs, where they take growers to the Clean Fuels Conference and then spend a day at a biodiesel plant learning about the process and how it began with soybean farmers. “They will take soybean farmers from the State of Wisconsin to show them how their checkoff investments have helped to build an industry, and then to show them what their continued checkoff investment is and why they do it.”

Board member Andy Bensend says the board has tough choices to make when investing checkoff dollars each year. “This is farmer’s money, this is not money that’s government money. This is Wisconsin soybean producer checkoff money that every farmer participates in, so we have a real strong mandate to try to be responsible and bring value back to those growers.”

The board contributed towards a U.S. Soybean Export Council promotion for the use of soybean meal in the Middle East and Africa. They also funded a consumer education campaign and continued their support for research into making firefighting foam from soybean meal instead of soy flour, replacing the commonly used foams containing PFAS chemicals.  That research is continuing at Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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