Wisconsin’s Dairy Innovation Hub funds 8 more research projects

Wisconsin’s Dairy Innovation Hub has authorized additional research projects.  The hub, supported by 7.8 million dollars annually from the State of Wisconsin conducts research for land and water stewardship, enriching human health and nutrition, ensuring animal health and welfare, and growing farm businesses and communities.

Program Manager Maria Woldt says the Dairy Innovation Hub announced support for what they call eight short-term high-impact projects.  Food Science Professor Audrey Girard’s project demonstrates the value of dairy ingredients in protein and fiber-enriched snack foods.  Extension Specialist Marta Kohlmann is working on Manure application recommendations for alfalfa interseeded into corn silage.  Animal and Dairy Sciences researcher Christian Krueger is studying how hydrogels can prevent bovine mastitis.  Professor Hilario Mantovana is studying ecological interactions in a cow’s rumen and how that affects methane formation.  Joseph Pierre from the Nutritional Sciences Department is studying how milk-fat lipids can be used for nutrition support.  Soil Scientist Inna Popova is working on modified acrylic fibers and how they can remove copper and antibiotics from manure-amended soils.  Food Science chair Scott Rankin is studying how to increase the value of acid whey, and Extension Specialist Jennifer Van Os is researching a tool to teach dairy cow handling practices.

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