Wisconsin’s Governor pleased with new trade deal’s dairy provisions

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Wisconsin’s Governor is pleased with the new U.S. Mexico Canada trade agreement announced by President Trump Monday.  Scott Walker says, “By opening up markets in Canada, by pushing back on the Class 6 and 7 that had an impact in terms of price controls that put our farmers at a disadvantage, it’s another step forward.  It’s another bit of good news.”

Walker says the trade deal alone won’t change many of the challenges farmers face on the world market.

He is also pleased with the agreement on geographical indications, allowing U.S. producers to continue sending many common kinds of cheese to Mexico without changing product names.  “I always say our Colby is great.  We don’t care if anybody else wants to try and make Colby as good as ours, but we also make pretty good Cheddar, Mozzarella, and a bunch of other cheeses along the way and so anything that allows not only our dairy farmers but our cheesemakers and others involved in the dairy industry in the state is a good thing for us.”

Walker made his comments to reporters at World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wisconsin.

President Trump told reporters Monday that dairy was the deal breaker with Canada.  Walker says Trump followed through on his April 18th, 2017 promise to the dairy industry to eliminate Class 6 and 7.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker talks to reporters at World Dairy Expo Friday in Madison, Wisconsin.


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