Wisconsin’s Governor tours dairy & discusses water quality

Wisconsin’s Governor got a hands-on demonstration showing what farmers are doing to improve water quality.

Democrat Tony Evers tells Brownfield farmer-led watershed groups such as Peninsula Pride Farms are helping to improve surface and groundwater quality. “It’s all about our farmers working with researchers, working with the business community, working with their neighbors, making sure that they’re successful and also that our water stays clean.”

Deer Run Dairy partners Dale Bogart and Duane Ducat say Evers was receptive and interested in what they and other area farmers are doing, and Ducat says the expanded use of cover crops is just one example. “There’s a lot more cover crops being planted than what there were in the past. Peninsula Pride has a cost-share program, but there (are) many acres above and beyond the cost-share program that are being planted into cover crops.”

Farmers in the group are utilizing cover crops on more than 11-thousand acres and growing.  Deer Run Dairy is also utilizing a manure digester to generate electricity from methane gas and recycle the solids as bedding for 15-hundred dairy cows. 

They’re also working with three other farms testing manure injection into growing crops and a denitrifying bioreactor in drain tile lines.

Governor Evers’ proposed budget would expand Producer-Led Watershed Grant funding as part of a six-million-dollar plus bonding program. It’s a proposal many farm organizations support, and an issue Representative Joel Kitchens is optimistic will pass the Republican-controlled Joint Finance Committee.

Deer Run Dairy partners Dale Bogart and Duane Ducat after Governor Evers visits their farm
Governor Tony Evers during a brief press conference during the Deer Run Dairy tour

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