Wisconsin’s potatoes nearly finished, soybeans halfway, corn harvest intensifies

Wisconsin farmers were slowed by weekend rains, but still accomplished a lot of harvesting and fall tillage last week.

USDA reporters say just over four days were suitable for fieldwork, with topsoil moistures rated 4% surplus, 66% adequate, and 22% short.

Corn is mostly all dented with 86% of the crop mature, which is a day behind average.  The corn for grain harvest is 14% finished, with the average moisture at 23%.  Corn for silage harvesting is 93% finished.  The overall corn condition is 50% good to excellent.

The soybean harvest is now 54% finished in Wisconsin.  USDA says 95% of the beans are dropping leaves.  The overall condition is 48% good to excellent, down 1% from a week ago.

The potato harvest is now 90% finished, on par with average.

The fourth crop of alfalfa hay is 97% done.

Sevent-four percent of the winter wheat crop has been planted, with 49% of that now emerged.

Wisconsin farmers also have 21% of their fall tillage completed, and that’s about 4 days behind average.

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