Work out planter software kinks now

Farmers are preparing for a busy spring planting season.

Stine Seed director of agronomy Tom Larson says understanding how software technology can lead to greater efficiencies is part of that preparation for many growers.

“If there’s updates, the time to install those updates is now. And having those technicians come out and do the practice run across your yard and make sure everything is functioning the way it’s intended.”

He tells Brownfield there are usually consequences when farmers wait until the first day of planting.

“I’m sure that there will be other people in the same position, and then those technicians will be hard to find. So there you sit with an expensive piece of equipment and the day is dwindling, and you’re not able to get anything done because your technology isn’t cooperating.”

Larson says while the newer planter technology is fantastic, it’s still going to be important to get out of the cab during the first pass to check seed population and depth.

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