Working together to do more for the cattle industry

One of the U.S. beef industry’s biggest competitors on the global market can also be an incredible ally. Dr. Chris Parker, CEO of Cattle Australia, says it’s okay for the U.S. and Australia to be competitive because there is an opportunity for the two countries to work together. 

“There is way more that we have in common,” he says.  “In fact, our competitors are those who are trying to stop us from producing beef on our land. And I think what we need to do is work together on those really important and key messages.”

He tells Brownfield especially on issues like sustainability. “Cattle are clearly part of the greenhouse gas emissions story,” he says. “We can’t get away from that.  But they’re also part of the solution. These animals produce protein, often from grass that humans can’t actually make.”

And, he says, “The importance of food security in this whole discussion around climate change and around greenhouse gas emissions can’t be forgotten.” 

Cattle Australia and NCBA recently signed a memorandum of understanding to partner on issues related to cattle health, lab-grown proteins, and sustainability. 

Brownfield interviewed Parker during the NCBA’s Young Cattlemen’s Conference. 

AUDIO: Dr. Chris Parker, Cattle Australia

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