Working together to reduce the spread of H5N1

State ag leaders and veterinarians are working closely with federal agencies to better understand H5N1 and how to reduce its spread among livestock and some farm workers.

Ted McKinney with the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture tells Brownfield “we did learn some lessons good and bad out of COVID-19 and you want to repeat the good things, but eliminate the bad things and I think that’s where the whole debate rests.”

He says having checkpoints on the interstates or checking every livestock herd for the virus might not be necessary, but it’s also important to act to prevent the virus from spreading.

“We’re getting somewhere as we do more testing of a different sort. We’re grateful for USDA’s Animal Plant Health Inspection Service for the funding that goes with that. I think we’re finding a cadence here, but we may need to do a bit more. We’ll figure out what that looks like.”

Brownfield interviewed McKinney at the MASDA Regional Meeting in St. Louis this week.

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