WPS Farm Show begins

The 62nd WPS Farm Show gets underway Tuesday.  Matt Cullen from Wisconsin Public Service tells Brownfield the show began in 1961 with a handful of exhibitors showing farmers how to make farms more efficient using electricity. “Things like vacuum pumps and silo unloaders and milk coolers and now, we’ve gotten to the point in 2024 where the technology and the advancements have only grown as the years have gone by, and now we’re looking at things like aerial drone technology becoming a bigger and bigger part of agriculture.”

Cullen says new technologies like drones and drone tools along with newer and more efficient machinery can help farmers get the most of their time and effort. “Every type of machinery or service or product that’s there can help farmers continue to maximize the productivity of their operations and again, the efficiency of their farms.”

The WPS Farm Show is free to attend and has free parking at the Experimental Aircraft Association grounds in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Tuesday through Thursday.

AUDIO: Matt Cullen discusses what to expect and some history behind the WPS Farm Show with Brownfield’s Larry Lee

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