Wyffels Hybrids first Iowa facility coming online in 2024

The new seed corn distribution center for Illinois-based Wyffels Hybrids located outside of Ames, Iowa is nearing completion.

Jacob Wyffels, vice president of production at Wyffels, says it’ll be operational this spring…

“We’re hoping to open our doors here in probably middle of May.”  He says, “We’re on the downhill slide here of the fine detail work.  In May we’ll receive returns into the facility there.”

He tells Brownfield the 188,000 square foot facility means better service for farmers in Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota…

“We’ll be able to ship seed throughout our Western business unit: Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota.”  He says, “Not only is it going to help us service and be closer to our customers, but also take the load off of the facility in Illinois as we continue to service that Illinois and Wisconsin business.”

He says this is just phase one for the Ames site…

“We’re in the design phase for the rest of the facility, which will include all the processing capabilities for our production.”  He says, “So our harvest complex, which is receiving, husk and sort, drying, shelling, bulk storage all the way through conditioning and warehousing.”

He says Wyffels Hybrids also plans to showcase on-site agronomy trials at the 150-acre location this summer.   

AUDIO: Jacob Wyffels, vp of production at Wyffels Hybrids

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