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Gubernatorial candidates talk farm platforms to Missouri Farm Bureau

Missouri Farm Bureau FARM-PAC Aug. 5, 2016, Jefferson City.The Democrat and Republican candidates for Missouri Governor each have visions of agriculture flourishing in the state.  In a forum for Missouri Farm Bureau members Friday, Republican Eric Greitens conceded his inexperience in agriculture, but promised to surround himself with people who have experience.

“We actually have a great opportunity in front of us,” said Greitens.  “Over the course of the next generation we need to double world food production.”  Greitens explained that the state is well positioned to take advantage of that production increase.

“Here in Missouri with 108,000 family farms, with a unique system of rivers and roadways, as leaders in biotechnology and agriculture technology we can lead the efforts to feed the world,” he said.

Meanwhile, Democrat Chris Koster, assuming that he wins the election, and that Richard Fordyce accepts Koster’s invitation to stay on as the state’s Director of Agriculture, stated his plans immediately following his swearing-in.

“Richard Fordyce, before 1:00 on January 9th, will begin to form the agreements that have been promised in Mexico and in Cuba, in South America, in the Pacific Rim, in Europe and in Japan,” said Koster, “so that by the end of this fiscal year that we are currently in, FY’17, we will have this network of international trade offices set and working on your behalf.”

After the speeches, the Missouri Farm Bureau endorsed Koster for governor.  It’s the first time the general farm organization has endorsed a Democrat for statewide office, although they have endorsed Democrats in congressional and State Senate races.

AUDIO: Eric Greitens (32 min. MP3)

AUDIO: Chris Koster (35 min. MP3)

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