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Ron Prestage discusses future plans for Iowa pork plant

Dr. Ron Prestage

Dr. Ron Prestage

In an exclusive interview with Brownfield, Ron Prestage of Prestage Farms discusses what they plan to do next with their proposal to build a new pork processing plant in Iowa.  Prestage gives us his reaction to the vote by the Mason City City Council that rejected a development agreement for the proposed plant and addresses some of the issues that opponents of the plant used in their campaign against it.

AUDIO: Ron Prestage

  • This is not true. The majority of people surveyed in North Iowa did not approve this processing plant. The main issue that was brought to public attention by those opposing the processing plant were ecological issues. Also, the numbers did not add up. The incentives that were giving to Prestage far outweighed any incentives they offered to the community. A copy of the live video covering the meetings were the public spoke against Prestage are available online. I can’t believe the blatant lies Dr. Prestage is saying about the people of Mason City.

  • Survey, what survey? I live in Mason City and I watched every one of the council meetings and 30-40 of the same people (vocal minority) went up to the mic each meeting spewing their sensationalized environmental concerns, biased and misleading claims of facts, and a total disregard of true understanding and appreciation of agricultural. Dr. Prestage does not rip or discount a majority of the people of Mason City, listen to the darn interview. ICCI most definitely was involved with the opposition and played a critical role in this decision. I personally don’t like an organization that doesn’t represent the actual citizens of Mason City influencing such an important decision for our city. The people of Mason City lost out here, plain and simple.

  • The first two things out of the publics mouth was the influx of Mexicans and the smell,then came the crime and the drugs.
    Mason City deserves what they got coming,and if prestage decides to build and you know they will the influx of Mexicans and their family’s are still going to need housing especially if they build within adjoining countys and I will be one of the first landlords to rent to these families.

  • It’s all about money.
    Dr. Prestige must be donating money to Governor Brandstad.
    Des Moines Register needs to investigate the money trail.

  • Prestage Farms has now gone underground, because of the “outcome they met in Mason City”?? They are now going to do “due diligence” for their “next” start-up, without letting anybody know!??
    “intimidated by kooks from ICCI”…WOW.
    Wait…who’s doing the “misleading?” You can bet this fool, Prestage, is going to have even BIGGER lies to shove down his new start-up areas throat!
    ICCI did the right thing for the environment and for the FUTURE!
    The RADIO INTERVIEWER poked prestage into his “racist” comment, but being as he’s “from the south”…HE OUGHTA’ KNOW WHAT RACISM LOOKS LIKE!
    This dumbass evidently didn’t see ‘FIELD OF DREAMS’ !!! “IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME!”…new hog processing plant…MORE CAFO’S WILL BE BUILT so AS MANY FARMERS CAN GET IN ON THIS MONEY-MAKING ENTERPRISE! White people (he said it himself, racism isn’t just in the south, it’s alive and well in north central iowa) are known for capitalizing on the next new idea/thing. (ex: ethanol) They could give two shits about how they impact the environment…as long as they make a buck!
    Those of you who are bitching about ICCI’s actions should be thanking them profusely!
    I know I HAVE!!!

  • “When the Last Tree Is Cut Down, the Last Fish Eaten, and the Last Stream Poisoned, You Will Realize That You Cannot Eat Money”…

    Kooks…be prepared…GET READY.

  • If you look at the history of Mason City you’ll see they’re not a racist people. With the brick and tile and other industry here in the past the town had a strong multicultural past. But what this town also has a is a strong concern for the future of our kids and weekday their world will be like. We in NI are no strangers to the influx of workers coming into the Clarion or Belmond or Kanawha or areas like Storm Lake and Hampton etc. The load on the schools with kids that don’t even or barely speak English. The groups that have no intentions of assimilation but rather in some cases domination of an area. A operation like Prestige purposed would promise to not bring best and brightest but those that are willing to do such work for the less then worthy pay a job like that should be worth. Ron Prestige knew what he was doing trying to shove things through so fast. It’s the same way a used car salesman tries to get you to sign on the dotted line before you have a chance to see the lemon you are about to buy! Sure the paint jobs shines but if it runs like crap the whole think is a nightmare! Mr Prestige we are not racist….too conservative at times yes oh God yes….but we are not stupid either and YOU sir tried to pull a fast on us! Thank God above that the Mason City city council finally listened to reason and saw what smart individuals were trying to tell them…….WE WERE ABOUT TO BUY A LEMON MADE OF BACON AND LIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

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