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Agriculture is still king in Dodge County

Matt Hanson is University of Wisconsin Extension Agent in Dodge County and he says this year’s show offers an opportunity to educate people about farming on the rolling landscape of Dodge County. “One of the things we are really trying to showcase is conservation tillage.” There will be demonstrations of proper manure application and retention during the show. The fact that Crave Brothers have a digester does make things a little different for their farm in that you are not dealing with the large amount of water in manure which comes straight from the barns.

That digester is an attraction as well, “This is a new type system, it has above ground tanks, there had been some concern that they would freeze up over the winter, these have been tried and tested for over two years and things have been going well.” Some of the solids from the digester are used for bedding for the cows and some are being bagged and sold for gardening purposes.

While the farm is a showcase of technology, Hanson stresses this is still a family farm. The four brothers and their families are involved in every aspect of the operation, each with an area of expertise.

Despite the close proximity to Madison, Milwaukee and the Fox Valley, Hanson says Dodge County remains a mainly an agricultural county and the people are very supportive of agriculture. “They recognize as a $1.4 billion industry it is a large economic impact for the county.”

AUDIO: Extension Agent Matt Hanson talks about Dodge County 4:54

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