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AMVAC offers corn soil insecticide solutions

2013 Farm Progress ShowVisitors to the AMVAC exhibit at Farm Progress Show have the opportunity to talk to representatives and learn more about corn soil insecticide solutions. There have been increasing issues in the last few years with resistance of corn rootworm to corn rootworm traits. AMVAC’s suite of corn soil insecticides includes Aztec, the premiere corn rootworm solution and Counter for those in areas with nematode issues.

Joe Short, Midwest Products Marketing Manager for AMVAC said with more than 90 million acres of corn planted there is an increase in corn on corn acres and a higher population of corn rootworm. Short tells Brownfield that Aztec does not need to replace traits but to compliment them. To reach the fullest potential of the seed, using these tools is the key to return on investment.

Conversation with Joe Short 08272013

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