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BASF introduces new fungicide

During its annual Science Behind Event held prior to Commodity Classic, BASF announced to the media the introduction of a new fungicide called Revysol.

Matt Bradley, BASF Revysol Product Manager told Brownfield the DeMethylation Inhibitor (DMI) fungicide has been in the pipeline for a decade.

 “It’s been a grueling 10 years of research and development, but we are very excited today to introduce this new brand – this new active ingredient – into the market.”

Bradley tells Brownfield Revysol will offer growers more consistence and confidence with their fungicide decisions by expanding the application window and residual activity.

 BASF plans to initially label for 17 crops including corn and soybeans. 

The lead brand in corn will be Veltyma fungicide. BASF representatives say it will give excellent control of major corn disease including tar spot, gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, and southern rust.

The lead brand in soybeans will be Revytek fungicide.  BASF representatives tell Brownfield it will provide excellent control of frogeye leaf spot, target spot, septoria, and Asian soybean rust.

Conversation with Matt Bradley:

The active ingredient is pending EPA registration with anticipation for late-mid summer of 2019 approval.  

 “This is not your grandpa’s triazole,” said Paula Halabicki, BASF technical marketing manager. “Broader, stronger, and longer is what separates us from other DMIs.”

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