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Climate Corporation using farmer feedback


Evin Levey

The Climate Corporation, a company that examines weather data to provide insurance to farmers, has focused on two product areas to improve and enhance in 2015, based on feedback from farmers. Evin Levey, director of product at Climate Corporation, tells Brownfield they have broadened the capabilities of the Nitrogen Advisor.  Instead of only looking at when and how much to side-dress, he says Climate Corporation is now looking at every part of a farmer’s nitrogen plan.  He listed the timing and amount of nitrogen for each application and how it will be used not only in the field but also in the plant.

Levey says the Field Health Advisor is also improved with better images and more of them.  The key, according to Levey, was eliminating what he calls bad images.  These include images with cloud cover, shadows of clouds, airplanes or other anomalies.

He points out that most farmers don’t have their laptop with them in the field so Climate Corporation focused more on mobile devices like phones and tablets for weather information and scouting capabilities.  He says these devices are perfect for scouting.

Levey spoke to Brownfield at the 2015 Commodity Classic.







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