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It takes a lot of people and a lot of planning

Dodge County Executive Committee Putting Wisconsin Farm Technology Days together is actually four-year process. To start with, a county decides to bid to host the show, and then they approach the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Incorporated. If their bid is successful, the real work begins. First off, a county executive committee is formed with a chair, vice-chair, treasurer and the county extension agent acting as executive secretary. Another two-dozen-or-so individuals will make up the committee covering everything from apparel to the youth tent. A host farm is secured and the plans for tent city and field demonstrations, traffic and every other detail is to be worked out. Members are guided by WFTD General Manager Glen Thompson as well as working with their counterparts from the two shows leading up to theirs. And finally, after three years of monthly, then weekly and finally daily meetings and planning: your show is on.

Dave Frohling is chairman of the Dodge County Executive Committee this year. “I’ll never look at a farm show the same way again!” Like many of his predecessors, Frohling cannot say enough about the members of his Executive Committee, the army of volunteers that make this show go and the commitment put forth by the host family. “When I was asked to be chair of this I said if I could convince the Crave Brothers to host the show because they have a tremendous number of things to show, they’re on the cutting edge with so much technology and they are great ambassadors for agriculture.”

Frohling’s advice to the county committee chairs that will follow him? “Mark everything down and keep the communication open among all of the committees.”

AUDIO: Dave Frohling talks about being chair of the show 4:00

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