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Let’s talk honey.

Ok, we’ve talked dairy and crops now let’s talk honey. Amy Roden is from West Bend and a student at U.W. Green Bay and serves this year as Wisconsin Honey Queen. The Wisconsin Honey Producers have a booth including a demonstration hive in the youth tent at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. Roden is talking to attendees about the importance of bees to agriculture as well as the health benefits of honey.

Beekeepers have faced some very tough situations in the past few years with Colony Collapse Disorder, mites and other challenges. Roden says they are still trying to figure out the cause of CCD but, “We have no answers yet.”

When it comes to the importance of bees to pollination of agricultural crops, Roden uses a “pizza analysis.” She breaks down the ingredients in the pizza pointing out that bees pollinate the tomatoes for the sauce and they pollinate the alfalfa that feeds the cows that make the milk for the cheese.

AUDIO: Amy Roden talks about the benefits of bees 4:22

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