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Monsanto introducing new insect traits in 2018 and beyond

Sean Evans, Technology Development Manager for corn traits with Monsanto tells Brownfield there are some new insect traits near to launch.  Trecepta, which will be introduced commercially in 2018, is the first technology to target corn earworm with 3 modes of built-in action.  Evans said Trecepta increases the spectrum of above-ground insects that can be controlled.

SmartStax Pro is set to be commercially launched in 2019 or 2020 dependent upon regulatory approvals.  Evans tells Brownfield it is next generation technology and a new way to attack corn rootworms. It will consist of all the existing insect controlling events of SmartStax® as we know it today, plus a new event that will add a 3rd mode of action for rootworm larvae control.

Evans said layering new traits together is going to be a great solution for growers.   He said all traits do not have a fit on every farm and we are getting into an era where we need to have a better handle on where our crops are growing and what insect species and diseases are a threat. However, Evans tells Brownfield, growers need to be sure they are making those decisions based on the data and what they know – not just guessing.  A blanket approach is not in the end going to be the most profitable.

Evans said “We are on the fringe of the promise a lot of great technology being offered to growers.”

Conversation with Sean Evans:

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