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People make the difference at BASF

Scott Kay, Vice President of U.S. Crop with BASF tells Brownfield that the introduction of Revysol fungicide at an event in Orlando Wednesday is only one of the exciting things going on with his company.  The integration of new people and products into BASF over the summer has exceeded his expectations.

“It starts with the people,” said Kay. “It’s really exciting to have new colleagues to work with that are experts in the field and understand and want to deliver that customer expectation to farmers like they’ve maybe never seen before.”

Kay tells Brownfield BASF can deliver on that expectation because there is now so much more to choose from.  He said the company very intentionally – with the seed business – decided to put experts in the field to represent those products.  Having experts, not generalists, out in the field makes a big difference in meeting farmers needs and expectations.

The commitment of BASF to research and development is great.  Kay tells Brownfield it’s a little known fact that over 40% of the people that came with the acquisition of businesses and assets from Bayer came from research and development.  

​Conversation with Scott Kay:

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