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Refining bean meal for aquaculture

A South Dakota company, Prairie Aquatech, has taken the work of South Dakota State University to further improve and commercialize soybean meal for aquaculture production. Matt Bainbridge, a soybean grower in Ethan (South Dakota) represents South Dakota on the Soy Aquaculture Alliance, and tells Brownfield Ag News, they’re working to get a little bit higher protein content for the feed and further refining it, “It’s really important where you only have so much room in the diet of the fish. They’re not going to eat like a pig or a cow, you know. You’ve got to really be precise on what you’re feeding to the fish.” He says aquaculture is an important part of the soybean market, “Aquaculture, actually, in southeast Asia is 10% of the soy market right now. It’s a very large market and it’s really growing fast, too.”

Bainbridge says they’re trying to position soybean meal as the feed for aquaculture. He says it’s an exciting success story for the Soybean Checkoff.  Bainbridge is a director on the South Dakota Soybean Research and Promotion Council.

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