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Comprehensive tax bill likely to pass

Jeanne Poppe

A Minnesota lawmaker says a comprehensive tax bill that would provide relief to property owners is likely to pass.

Representative Jeanne Poppe tells Brownfield the compromise legislation paves the way for needed tax reforms like easing the burden on people who own more land in a school district.

“In rural areas especially, when you have small communities that want to build onto a school or make improvements to a school; and they’re doing a capital improvement levy; sometimes it goes to the voters.  And the people that  have the greater amount of land are reluctant to support it because it’s going to be costlier for them.”

She says the bill calls for a tax credit of some type.

“I don’t know the details of what will be included, but I think it will be definitely a relief so that it doesn’t pit landowners and farmers against people who live in town when they all have children in the district.  They all would like to see a good school.”

With the 2016 Legislative Session scheduled to adjourn by midnight Sunday, Poppe says she believes the tax bill and a bonding bill are likely to succeed.

However, she is not as optimistic about a comprehensive transportation bill making it through because the House and Senate remain too far apart on funding targets.






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