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A strong cold front driving southeastward across the northern Plains and upper Midwest will reach the Atlantic Seaboard late Wednesday or early Thursday.  For the remainder of Tuesday, record-setting warmth will continue in advance of the approaching cold front, while post-frontal snow will fall across portions of the Dakotas and northern Minnesota.  Meanwhile, showers and thunderstorms will precede and accompany the cold front, with the greatest threat of severe weather occurring later Tuesday across the eastern Corn Belt and neighboring regions.  In the front’s wake, a short-lived surge of cold air will primarily affect the Plains, Midwest, and Northeast.  Toward week’s end, however, warmth will quickly rebound across the nation’s mid-section, with much of Texas topping 80°F by Saturday.  Farther west, stormy weather will return during the mid- to late-week period, starting in the Pacific Northwest and encompassing most areas from the Rockies westward by week’s end. 

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