Warm, dry weather regime throughout the Heartland

Across the Corn Belt, late-developing corn and soybeans are getting a boost toward maturity under a warm, dry weather regime. In the lower Midwest, mild, dry conditions also favor planting of soft red winter wheat.

On the Plains, very warm, dry weather continues to promote summer crop maturation and harvesting, as well as winter wheat planting and emergence. For the third day in a row, temperatures will locally exceed 90° on the northern Plains, where the spring wheat harvesting is finally winding down.

In the South, showery weather is limited to southern Texas and the southern Atlantic region. Elsewhere, warm, dry weather remains ideal for maturation and harvesting of a variety of summer crops.

In the West, cooler air is overspreading the Pacific Coast States, accompanied by scattered showers. The rain is providing beneficial moisture for drought-stressed pastures and recently planted winter grains, but having little effect on long-term, hydrological drought. On September 21, rangeland and pastures were rated at least two-fifths very poor to poor in California (70% very poor to poor), Oregon (48%), and Nevada (45%).

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