SCN Action Month Conversations

The Importance of Controlling Soybean Diseases

Listen as Brownfield reporter Rhiannon Branch and Nick Tinsley, BASF Technical Field Representative – Seed Treatment, as they discuss SCN Action Month, what soybean cyst nematodes are, and the damage they can cause – and how sudden death syndrome plays into that. Nicholas will also share tips for growers to detect SCN or SDS problems in their fields and what they should watch for.

October 3rd, 2023

The Importance of Testing Your Soil

Listen as Brownfield reporter Brent Barnett and Troy Bauer, BASF Senior Field Technical Representative for Seed Treatment – Western Corn Belt, discuss the first signs of soybean cyst nematodes in your field and how this goes hand in hand with Sudden Death Syndrome. Troy will also share what makes the pathogen for SDS one of the most aggressive and what growers should do to prevent more impact in the future. 

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