Cyber November brings Amazon experience to ag inputs

Record interest rates are one of the top concerns for farmers and will likely make financing next year more difficult.

Farmers Business Network Co-Founder Charles Baron tells Brownfield they are continuing Cyber November which was created during the pandemic to help members lock in supplies and reduce price volatility.

“Everyone gets Black Friday or Cyber Monday when they go and buy TVs for Christmas, we said why shouldn’t inputs work that way?” he shares.  “So we started it for fun actually one year, and farmers loved it.”

He says e-commerce is helping crop protection products be priced more competitively with greater transparency.

Members can also secure financing for inputs below the national average.

“Right now is a high-interest rate environment,” he says.  “Interest rates have been high last year, they’re up over 8%. The prime rate—you can get 3.99% locked in all year with FBN when you buy in Cyber November.”

The event ends November 21st.

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