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Closing Grain and Livestock Futures: February 24, 2023

Mar. corn closed at $6.50, down 10 and 1/4 cents
Mar. soybeans closed at $15.29, down 5 and 1/4 cents
Mar. soybean meal closed at $497.10, up $4.00
Mar. soybean oil closed at 61.11, down 93 points
Mar. wheat closed at $7.08 and 1/4, down 30 cents
Apr. live cattle closed at $165.37, up 5 cents
Mar. feeder cattle closed at $189.07, down 15 cents
Apr. lean hogs closed at $86.02, down 17 cents
Mar. Class III milk closed at $17.72, down 4 cents
Apr. crude oil closed at $76.32, up 93 cents
Mar. cotton closed at 84.90, up 274 points
Mar. rice closed at $16.80, down 1 cent
Apr. gold closed at $1,817.10, down $9.70
Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 32,816.92, down 336.99 points

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