ADC: Goodlatte H2-C visa bill is best option available

ADC’s Laurie Fischer discussing foreign labor issues at World Dairy Expo 2017

The American Dairy Coalition urges dairy producers and state associations to back Congressman Bob Goodlatte’s Agricultural Guestworker Act.

In a video message, Congressman Bob Goodlatte told producers and dairy association representatives attending World Dairy Expo the H2-A program is outdated and broken, and it’s well past time to replace it with something more flexible, and managed differently.  “The H2-C program will be administered by the folks at the USDA, an agency that clearly understands the unique needs of America’s farm operations and the importance of getting perishable agricultural commodities to market in an efficient manner.”

Laurie Fischer with the American Dairy Coalition tells Brownfield passing the Goodlatte bill will be tough.  “You’re going to see other industries want to be a part of this or try and stop this from happening, so we do and we have worked on alternative bills that will help the other industries, but this specifically, the Goodlatte bill, is just for agriculture.”

Fischer says there are several bills written to address immigration and work visas, but the Goodlatte bill is the best option on the table now for dairy producers.  Fischer encouraged the group to talk to elected officials and support this bill.

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