Blustery spring could affect insect pressure

An extension entomologist is concerned about how blustery spring conditions could affect insect pressure this growing season.

Erin Hodgson with Iowa State University says many pests are migratory and easily travel within a field or even between fields.

“But these really high winds can even further push an insect beyond what they might be able to fly on their own, so you might just have more erratic infestations in places where you don’t typically find pests just because the wind has been so severe and constant.”

She tells Brownfield violent weather in the southern U.S. can push pests north into the Corn Belt.

“Like black cutworm, fall army worm, corn earworm, those are the things that are on my mind as I hear about hurricane-type weather in the south.”

Fall army worm was a major problem last year, traveling as far north as Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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