Carbon credit program offering growers control

Ag tech company Gradable is launching a program that allows farmers to generate and control carbon credits.

Steele Lorenz with Gradable tells Brownfield the Gradable Carbon program is unique because…

“A core component of what we do gives growers liquidity but also the opportunity to bank that credit for a period of time to wait for a price to develop that works better for them,” he said.

Lorenz said the program also allows farmers to decide who they sell credits to.

He said for the supply chain programs Gradable runs, like this one, farmers are evaluated on efficiency instead of addition of carbon reducing practices.

“It’s not just one or the other but understanding that it’s a continuum,” Lorenz said. “We have to create a series of programs and incentives that work for growers regardless of where they are in the adoption process.”

Carbon reducing practices include planting cover crops, no-till farming and nitrogen management. Farmers can learn more about the program at Gradable’s website.

Steele Lorenz Interview

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