Conaway says House farm bill language will not change before June vote

House Ag Committee Chairman Michael Conaway says when the House votes again on their farm bill proposal, nothing in the bill will change.  “No, because right now, I can’t change the bill.  The motion to reconsider means you bring the exact same bill up so I’m not negotiating with my Republican buddies and I’m not negotiating with the Democrats.  I haven’t been negotiating with the Democrats since they walked away from the table.”

Conaway says he’s disappointed the Freedom Caucus used the farm bill as leverage to get a vote on immigration, and with the taunting behavior of Democrats after last week’s vote, but he says the proposed SNAP program changes are supported by more than 70% of Americans.  “I want to give my Democrat colleagues another chance to show that they love America as much as we do, and that they’re going to back American agriculture, and that these SNAP reforms that they claim to be the reason they’re voting no are really good for this country.”

The House farm bill is scheduled for reconsideration June 22nd.


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