Creating more demand for soybeans

An Illinois farmer and vice chair of Clean Fuels Alliance America says he’s always raised soybeans for the meal to feed livestock and the oil was an afterthought.  But, Rob Shaffer says that mindset is changing.  “The big thing is going to be sustainable aviation fuel,” he says. “Now there is $3 billion worth of crush that’s currently under construction right now for new soybean crushing plants with the idea that the oil is going to go into making renewable or sustainable aviation fuel.”

He tells Brownfield there’s also strong demand for other forms of biodiesel. “Between biodiesel and renewable diesel, we just crossed 47% of the total diesel volume in the state of California,” he says.  “That is the largest marketplace for diesel fuel in the 50 states. So that’s a good thing.”

And, Shaffer says, maritime use of renewable diesel has also been on the rise. “To become cleaner, because Unilever, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, all of the companies that are paying the freight are demanding it,” he says. “So that’s a good future for us.”

He says there’s no silver bullet to reducing emissions, and biodiesel and other renewables shouldn’t be forgotten by the Biden administration.  “They’re kind of seeing the shiny trophy with the EVs,” he says.  “But that’s going to take a while.”

Shaffer says with the increase in soybean crush for oils, one of the biggest challenges moving forward will be finding demand for soybean meal.

Brownfield interviewed Shaffer at the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL.

AUDIO: Rob Shaffer, Clean Fuels Alliance America vice chair

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