Farm Credit Illinois promotes farm safety

img_1746For seventeen years staff members from the offices of Farm Credit Illinois have delivered noon meals to farmers in the areas they serve to promote farm safety during the harvest season. It began with a few meals delivered by 2 Farm Credit offices in 2001 and has grown into a well received and appreciated program throughout the area served.

In conjunction with Farm Safety & Health Week several farmers, their families, neighbors, employees and other community members gather around tables in fields, grass waterways, farm yards and machine sheds to break bread together during a meal provided and delivered by the local Farm Credit Illinois office.

Mike Loyd, Vice President, Marketplace Initiatives with Farm Credit Illinois tells Brownfield the program has been so successful that in recent years it has grown from one week of meals to 2.

Each year, Farm Credit Illinois will deliver meals to between 75 and 100 farms providing meals to 950 to 1100 farmers, neigbors, family members, employees and other community members.

“Even after all of these years it is appreciated and always looked forward to,” said Loyd.

Community is important to Farm Credit Illinois. Most Farm Credit staff work and serve in the area where they grew up and live today. Loyd tells Brownfield the Meals in the Field program recognizes the importance of relationships people within the farm community have with another.

During the weeks of September 19 – 24 and September 26 – 30, Farm Credit Illinois staff are delivering meals as well as providing the host families with farm first aid kits. These kits are designed for farm injuries and equipped with items such as ice packs, an isothermal blanket, a finger splint and eye wash containers

Audio:  Conversation with Mike Loyd, Vice President, Marketplace Initiatives with Farm Credit Illinois:


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