Getting the most out of CRP hay

Dr. Francis Fluharty, Research Professor at the Ohio State University says for those looking to get the maximum utilization out of CRP hay, he recommends that hay be processed.

“I would recommend grinding, chopping, or chop cut bales,” said Fluharty. “Also, something to consider, if someone is going to make balage out of this, moisture is going to be critical and that’s going to vary a lot from one field to another with this CRP ground.”

Dr. Fluharty adds that because CRP hay is going to be low in energy, it should be viewed as a feed ingredient, rather than the entire diet.

“I would expect that people need to supplement this with some combination of corn gluten feed, distiller’s grains, possibly corn grain, to get energy and protein so the cows don’t lose body condition and so they can be productive throughout the winter,” the OSU research professor said.

Audio: Dr. Francis Fluharty, Research Professor, Ohio State University (7:35 mp3)

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