Harvest pace slowing down between stalk integrity and moisture issues

A South-Central Nebraska farmer says harvest is almost half over, but the pace is starting to slow down.

Randy Uhrmacher tells Brownfield that’s because he’s been moving to different fields hoping he doesn’t have to take corn to the bin. “Poor stock quality hybrids seem to be the driest ones, so it’s working out that. We’re getting our poorest stock quality corn picked first and find the dry fields and go with them instead of going where you’re at and putting it in the dryer.”

He says storing grain isn’t very cost effective right now and drying the crop is labor intensive. “And with the weather the way it is this week, it looks like things should be drying down pretty good. So why foot the bill if you’re right on the edge of running it through a dryer or not?

Uhrmacher says yields have been slightly below average even for irrigated crops.

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