Harvest remains on schedule for Illinois farmer

A southern Illinois farmer says he has about 30% of corn and soybeans left to harvest.

Lance Panzor of Waltonville tells Brownfield that is right on schedule for their farm and yields for both crops have gone up and down all fall.  

“The earlier planted beans were about at APH (Actual Production History). The later planted beans were above APH, but our double crop beans are 5 to 10 bushels below our APH. They’re just not as good. They didn’t have any rain through August or September.”

He says early season replant has created some additional challenges.  

“Because then you’ve got green and wet crops and you’re trying to dry the corn. Then you’ll go through a part of the dryer that it’s drying down to 13%, and then before you know it, it’s at 16% coming out of the dryer.”

Panzor says they finished winter wheat planting on time and light rains have allowed the crop to emerge with good stands so far.  

Audio: Interview with Lance Panzor

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