Kildee supports dispute settlement consultation efforts

A U.S. Congressman says Mexico should have brought their cultural issues with biotech corn to negotiations in the U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement process.

Michigan Democrat Dan Kildee tells Brownfield he met with Mexico’s president earlier this year to discuss enforcement of the agreement.

“I pressed him on this issue, and he went on a long monologue about the cultural aspects of this, but he kept coming back to the statement that they would adhere to a science-based standard, and that’s why I’m anxious to get this into the dispute resolution process,” he says.

Kildee, a member of the Ways and Means Committee’s Subcommittee on Trade, says USMCA allows products that meet internationally accepted science-based standards to be freely traded.

“When you sit down across the table and negotiate an agreement, everything should be on the table and if it’s not on the table, you can’t come in later with a new provision,” he says.  “And that’s really been my disagreement with the President of Mexico and the position that he has taken.”

He says the dispute issue is not especially complex and should be settled in a timely fashion.

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