Michigan corn yields remain variable

Kristin Poley

The Between the Rows crop tour is projecting higher yields than USDA’s latest estimate for Michigan.

Kristin Poley is the research manager for the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan.

“Everything is extremely variable,” she says.  “We are projecting statewide yields based on our counts to be 177 bushels per acre which is a little bit higher than USDA’s August estimate of 170.”

She says county averages are varied because of scattered precipitation.

“We’re really seeing spotty drought conditions across the entire state,” she says.  “That’s really going to play a role in pollination issues, grain fill issues, tar spot disease issues and we’re seeing a lot of tip back across the entire state.”

Poley tells Brownfield the best yields were found in southwest Michigan which has received ideal rainfall, central Michigan crops are improving, and the northcentral and thumb regions are struggling the most.

The tour made nearly 370 yield checks across the lower peninsula during August which Poley says might be the most ever collected.

Brownfield interviewed Poley during the last tour stop in Allegan County Thursday.

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